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Canned Banners Discount Code: KOHATSU

I’m currently drafting a blog post about whether I believe display advertising works. (In short, yes, but…) More on that to come.

Example Canned Banners template

Example Canned Banners template

But because I do believe that display advertising can work, the next question is how should you go about creating those pretty display ads? If you’re not a designer yourself or if you can’t afford to hire design resources, Canned Banners has an instant and easy solution.

Canned Banners is pretty much exactly like it sounds. They offer well-designed Flash, animated GIF, and static banner templates in standard ad sizes. You can customize your ad text, add your logo, choose fonts, and tweak color schemes. Once you’re satisfied with how your banner looks, you download it, and the art file is forever yours. There is no pay-per-click or complicated pricing scheme, you just pay once for the artwork and post your new ad wherever you see fit.

Prices are a flat $25 per banner, but using my discount code, KOHATSU, you get 25% off… so designing a banner would only cost $18.75 … much cheaper than hiring someone to create your display ad for you.

But hey, if you do want to hire someone, I can think of at least one PPC Consultant that’s available :) Once you’ve got your display ads ready, I’m happy to help you place them on websites that will convert for you. Just let me know how I can help.

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