Case Study 3

Jewish people are actually more susceptible to gluten intolerance (celiac disease) than the population at large. So offers a specialty product to address their needs. In the run-up to Passover 2012, I implemented search and display campaigns offering their matzo and a gluten-free Passover cookbook.

That March, we netted the following results:
• The matzo campaign achieved a 4.13% CTR and a 7.08% purchase conversion rate.
• The cookbook campaign achieved a 1.83% CTR and a 10.59% purchase conversion rate.
• The two display campaigns experienced a 4.67% conversion rate and a 3.22% conversion rate, respectively — very high for the Display Network.
• The remarketing campaign achieved a 13.25% conversion rate among people who had visited the site but abandoned before purchase.
• All our marketing efforts resulted in over $100K in matzo sales in one month.


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