If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for something you haven’t got. Either you lack the technical know-how or the time to manage PPC campaigns yourself, or you already have an agency doing it for you, but they’re not doing a great job.
   So here’s my pitch: Technically, I’m an agency, too. My agency is called Charles Ave Marketing, LLC, and it’s a certified Google AdWords Partner. But at Charles Ave Marketing, there’s only one employee — me. That means when you work with me, you work with me, not a salesperson, not a middle man account manager, not a faceless somebody in the Philippines. I do the work, I manage your account, I run the reports, I take your calls, I answer your emails.
   Does that smallness scare you? Well, it shouldn’t. Because many clients come to me after getting lost in their agencies. They are tired of being a low priority. They’re frustrated that they’re not being heard. And they hate that they’re paying for shiny office buildings, extraneous staff, and other overhead that provides them no benefit.
   When you work with me, you’ll get personalized, one-on-one attention from someone who cares about your business and gets a rush every time you make a sale. But then, you might ask, “What if Charles Ave gets too big? Won’t I just get lost all over again?” No. Because while I push myself to work hard, I’m no slavedriver… meaning if I can’t commit the time and attention necessary to manage your account properly, I won’t take it on. Ready to give me a try? Send me a note.

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